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The wide range of products Merak, under the brand names Beltion, F.lli Giannadrea and Korolieva, ensures the complete coverage of the need for any barman: from traditional spirits to international distillates, from all the bases for cocktails to soft drinks ready-to-use. Free space to the imagination even at home: Merak products, as well as wholesale, are also available on supermarket shelves worldwide.

Red-Ap Spritz

6 ice cubes
1/5 Soda
2/5 Prosecco
2/5 Red Ap Beltion®
1 slice of orange

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Puglia Colada

6 parts of Rum Paquito Blanco Beltion®
3 parts of almond milk Beltion®
2 parts of vincotto PrimitivO ingentilito
9 parts of peaches smoothie
3 ice cubes or crushed ice
1 slice of peach

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5 g Twigs or buds of mint
30 ml Mint Syrup Beltion®
10 ml Sugar syrup
40 ml Lemon juice
10 ml Mineral water: still or sparkling

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Red 55

6 ice cubes
3/10 Triple Sec Beltion®
5/10 Red Ap Beltion®
2/10 water
1 slice of orange

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Lecce coffee

3 ice cubes
1 finger of Fiordilatte Beltion®
1 little cup of Coffee espresso


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Almond Cooler

ice cubes
30 ml Vodka Korolieva®
30 ml Opera Beltion®
60 ml Orange juice

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