Milan: the Merak Beverage at Tuttofood

We were present at the latest edition of Milano Tuttofood Exhibition 2015, in the category Ho.Re.Ca/Beverage. The event has meant a real boom for the business match: about 2,100 top international buyers selected met with 2,838 exhibitors, including 433 foreign, representing 7,000 brands.

"TUTTOFOOD is 'the' ultimate tool for the further internationalization of Italian agri - stated Corrado Peraboni, CEO of Fiera Milano - With TUTTOFOOD, many small to medium businesses of quality have had access to markets where they could hardly getting known otherwise. the goal of the 50 billion in exports it is increasingly within the reach of the food system and we are doing our part. "

What about trends? A qualitative survey carried out on the top international buyers at the event revealed that Italian products are in demand in the world, as well as the appeal of our food and wine, because they have a reputation for natural, safe and quality products. Among emerging markets, India and China are the most sensitive to the value added of all-Italian ingredients while Middle Easterners consumers especially appreciate the naturalness. The search for original and little-known specialties is the cue ball instead of Americans and northern Europeans. Several meetings and discussions have confirmed TUTTOFOOD as observatory anticipating trends and innovation, as well as the moment indispensable for business.
Next edition of TUTTOFOOD, the sixth, is scheduled in 2017, from Monday 8 to Thursday, May 11 in Milan.