Fiordilatte di Mandorla Beltion conquers Japan

"Merak Spirits & Drinks" achieves another prestigious target

"The Cuisine magazine", a famous Japanese magazine of the food sector, has issued an article where the features of our "Fiordilatte di Mandorla Beltion" are praised.

In the edition n. 2 of February 2016 (pg. 58-59), two well-known Japanese chefs, Mr. Motozo Fujita, a master of Italian sweets, and Mr. Noriyuki Koike, have highlighted the genuineness and the uniqueness of our product, by stressing "the tender smell of almond and the delicate sweetness". Both of them have remarked that "Fiordilatte di Mandorla Beltion" is also ideal for the preparation of several dishes, among which Blancmange and BiancoMangiare.

You can read the full article online by clicking here (Japanese website)