Vodka Unlimited

Korolieva® is the brand of the line of quality vodka.
Unlimited is the purest version of vodka, obtained by the fermentation and subsequent distillation of cereals. To savor it in all its fullness should be drunk cold and smooth, in the classic Russian vodka glass, garnished as desired with slices of citrus, olive or cherry. Widely used as a basis for cocktails and long drinks, it combines well with other ingredients never prevailing, giving the drink a pleasant harmony of taste. The Slavic tradition prefers the accompaniment with salty appetizers and pickled vegetables, particularly cucumbers: vodka in fact plays a leading role in the typical Russian buffet called zakuska.

Alcohol content: 38%. Available in 700 ml., 1000 ml. and 2000 ml. sizes

Korolieva_Vodka_700 Korolieva 1000 ml Korolieva_Vodka_2000
700 ml
1000 ml
 2000 ml


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