Cocktail: Buongiorno! Amaro Mediterraneo

How the day does depends on how you wake up. A buongiorno is a good start.


Amaro Mediterraneo ¾ oz
Jam 2 bsp
Pineapple juice 1 oz
Dark rum 1 oz
Opera White Amaretto 2 dash

GARNISH: Orange zest

Andiamo a letto

Cocktail: Andiamo a letto Amaro Mediterraneo

The combination of almond, coffee and botanical
herbs that helps us to rest.


Amaro Mediterraneo ¾ oz
Dark Rum 1 ¼ oz
Almond milk ¾ oz
Coffee liqueur ¾ oz

GARNISH: Cantucci biscuits


Cocktail: Credenza Amaro Mediterraneo

Don’t think it is just a bitter…
But a real herbal elisir.


Amaro Mediterraneo 1 ¼ oz
Top tonic water (2 oz)

GARNISH: A slice of yellow grapefruit

Nel giardino

Cocktail: Nel giardino Amaro Mediterraneo

The ideal aperitif for a drink in the garden.


Amaro Mediterraneo 10 dash
White Rum 1 oz
Fresh lemon Juice ¾ oz
White sugar 2 bsp

GARNISH: Lemon leaf and lemon oil


Cocktail: Creanza Amaro Mediterraneo

Good manner at our tables.


Amaro Mediterraneo 1 oz
Opera White Amaretto 1 oz
Brandy 1 ½ oz
Orange juice ½ oz
Fresh lemon Juice ½ oz
Millefiori 1 bsp

GARNISH: Sage and lemon